Targeting Prospects with Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Google is well known in the digital marketing world for both its paid search and display advertising opportunities.  These are leveraged by companies large and small to execute branding, re-marketing, and prospecting campaigns.  However, another underutilized channel exists within the Google ecosystem hidden as a type of display advertising.

This advertising channel is known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions.  Those with a Gmail account have likely come across these ads before.  They can be found within the promotions tab and sit above your actual email and are marked as “sponsored” emails.  Outside of providing a unique way to get in front of potential customers, Gmail Sponsored Promotions campaigns also have exciting targeting capabilities for advertisers.

Similar to paid search campaigns, Gmail Sponsored promotions offer the opportunity to target ads based on keywords.  However, instead of the keywords being triggered based on search queries entered by users, Gmail campaigns target keywords contained within a user’s inbox.  Marketers can target users receiving emails from competitor domains, or emails containing keywords that indicate interests or affinities related to your company’s offering.  Layer on top of this the ability to re-market to users that have previously visited your website, upload lists of customers from your email file (a feature known as Customer Match), and target based on demographic segments and the possibilities are truly endless.

Marketers seeking a unique way to message both current and potential customers should consider testing Gmail Sponsored Promotions.  With great ad placements, granular targeting abilities, and generally low bid requirements, it is a channel worth further exploration.